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We are an Umbrella Company dedicated to the medical & healthcare industry.


What exactly is an umbrella company?

Umbrella Companies have been working alongside contractors and temporary workers for a few years now. Their main role is to provide a compliant, convenient payroll platform – reducing workload and hassle for the individual. It’s less work than running your own limited company and carries a lot less expense.

Why choose Healthchart?

We are built specifically for the healthcare industry – and we understand our audience. It’s a fast paced, high pressured environment, which is why we’ve tailored our service to be as efficient and non-intrusive as possible. Our application is quick, our fees are competitive and we’re always here to provide expert advice and support should you need it.

What make us different?

Our processing system is state of the art. Developed in the latter stages of 2017 – we’ve taken the best parts of archive models, added plenty of improvements and left the clunky parts behind. Your funds will arrive to you via the Faster Payment method, removing any possible delays to your account.

Like to know more about how we can help you?


Request a non-obligatory “Take-Home Pay” illustration. We only need a few details and we’ll have it to you within a couple of hours.

Do you contract in the Healthcare Industry? Then this could be the payroll solution for you...

Faster Payments

Extensive insurance coverage underwritten to cater to your industry

24/7 access to your personal online portal

A dedicated account manager

Quick application

Unwavering compliance

Holiday pay and pension provision

Transparency throughout

Why we don't want to talk to you!


Don’t get us wrong, we love to chat, and fully appreciate our contractor base –
but in the high likelihood that we’re doing things correctly, we shouldn’t need to bother you regularly.
Once we’ve set you up in our systems our goal is to be a quiet yet reliable function,
constantly working in the background of your contracting life.
We’re happy to talk should you feel something is not quite accurate –
but we try to keep those incidents few and far between.

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