About Us - Healthchart Umbrella Company

Who does Healthchart cater to?

We’re dedicated to serving professionals in the healthcare field only. We feel that by narrowing our target demographic in such a way, we stand the best chance of adapting our practices to better serve those working in this ever-changing industry.

Job roles our payroll service caters for

To specify all applicable job titles would be exhaustive – but, to name a few, our employee base has been known to consist of; Nurses, Social Workers, Junior Doctors, Consultants, Physiotherapists, Radiologists and Locum Doctors.

What we do best!

Essentially, we’re here to get you paid! On the surface, it’s that simple, but behind the scenes we work hard to ensure you remain in a compliant, safe, contracting position. We’ve chosen our insurance policies carefully to ensure you’re more than adequately covered, and we have provisions in place for holidays and your pension.

Our online payroll platform gets you paid on time

Our payroll platform is designed to complete same-day payments, as soon as we receive funds from your agency, we’ll work quickly to pay them out to you. If for some reason your agency is late in paying – we’ll contact them on your behalf to resolve any problem and hurry things along.


Like to know a more about how we can help you?

Request a non-obligatory “take-home pay” illustration – we only need a few details and we’ll have it to you within a couple of hours.

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