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Maternity & Paternity Pay

How Does Maternity and Paternity Pay Work As An Umbrella Employee? Many agency workers are unsure as to what they are entitled to if they

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the right to disconnect

The Right to Disconnect

The Right to Disconnect, what does it mean and what conclusions came out of France? In 2017 France introduced a piece of legislation aimed at

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How do I claim Holidays?

How do I request holidays as an Umbrella Employee? As an employee of Healthchart you are entitled to annual holidays just like any other employee

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2021/22 Tax Changes

New Tax Changes The new tax year has begun, and necessary changes have been made by HMRC and the Government that will affect most people

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Healthchart Holiday Pay Policy

Healthchart Holiday Pay Policy We’re often asked how holiday pay works when working via an umbrella company. Umbrella employees are as entitled to holiday pay

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