July 2022 Update To National Insurance Contributions

national insurance hc

What exactly is National Insurance (NIC)? National insurance is a compulsory tax paid by employees and employers. This was introduced back in 1911 and expanded by the Labour government in 1948. The tax is applied to all those over 16 years of age (when you receive your National Insurance number) until the age that a […]

Do Current Umbrella Company Certifications carry any actual Assurance?

In the relatively small world of UK umbrella companies, there exists a few certification bodies who, time-after-time will tell you that their assessment process is “industry leading and integral to the supply chain”. But, especially of late, there have been compounding questions about the practices of certain umbrella companies that carry these certifications. So, do […]

5 Reasons to Use an Umbrella Company

So, you’ve taken the plunge into contracting and now you need to get your employment affairs in order. Here are 5 reasons to use an Umbrella Company.

Statutory Sick Pay Rules from March 24th 2022

HC Statutory Sick Pay Rules

This week, there are some key changes taking place regarding Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for employees in England. When the pandemic was in full swing (some would argue that it hasn’t lost too much momentum even now) the Government made temporary provision within the SSP rules that stated anyone who had to take time off […]

Why does your 2nd Payment in a New Tax Year often look different?

One annual event that we’d like to get ahead of is the 2nd payroll cycle of the new tax year. It’s common for your 2nd pay slip of the financial year to look a little different when compared to previous, but why? Well, it’s because of the way your payroll is set up if you […]

How the National Insurance Contribution may affect you post April 6th

We’ve all seen the line item National Insurance Contribution on our pay slips, it’s a deduction that is factored in automatically if you work on PAYE basis. And, whether it’s from coffee machine small-talk or national new outlets, we’ve all been made aware that there will be increases to NIC’s when the new tax year […]

Increases to National Minimum Wage in the New Tax Year

It’s no secret that the entire population of the UK is subject to some contribution increases when the new tax year hits us on April 6th 2022. We wanted to get comprehensive information to you ahead of time so that you know what to expect as an umbrella employee. NMW: The countdown is on to […]

Exclusive: Luxury Lake District Stay at the Fleece at Ruleholme.

Exclusive HCAdvantage: Luxury Lake District Stay at the Fleece at Ruleholme. We have partnered with the Fleece at Ruleholme to provide an exclusive dinner, bed and breakfast package for our hard-working contractors. We chose the Fleece at Ruleholme for its incredible rooms, restaurant offerings and lounging areas, but also because of its location. Situated in […]

Travel Counsellors

Pippa Wilson, Travel Counsellors As part of your HC Advantage package, we have formed a happy relationship with a renowned Pippa Wilson of the Award-Winning, Travel Counsellors. Pippa is a bonafide expert in her field, her bespoke travel concierge packages are of the highest caliber and we’re delighted to be able to refer our hard-working, […]

Maternity & Paternity Pay

How Does Maternity and Paternity Pay Work As An Umbrella Employee? Many agency workers are unsure as to what they are entitled to if they use an umbrella company. We want to make things clear so that you don’t miss out! In short, you are an employee of our company and due to that, you […]