July 2022 Update To National Insurance Contributions

national insurance hc

What exactly is National Insurance (NIC)? National insurance is a compulsory tax paid by employees and employers. This was introduced back in 1911 and expanded by the Labour government in 1948. The tax is applied to all those over 16 years of age (when you receive your National Insurance number) until the age that a […]

Why does your 2nd Payment in a New Tax Year often look different?

One annual event that we’d like to get ahead of is the 2nd payroll cycle of the new tax year. It’s common for your 2nd pay slip of the financial year to look a little different when compared to previous, but why? Well, it’s because of the way your payroll is set up if you […]

Maternity & Paternity Pay

How Does Maternity and Paternity Pay Work As An Umbrella Employee? Many agency workers are unsure as to what they are entitled to if they use an umbrella company. We want to make things clear so that you don’t miss out! In short, you are an employee of our company and due to that, you […]

The Right to Disconnect

the right to disconnect

The Right to Disconnect, what does it mean and what conclusions came out of France? In 2017 France introduced a piece of legislation aimed at companies with more than 50 workers. The aim was to ensure that the company’s employees would not work or partaking in work related activities once they have passed their contracted […]

Moving away from a 5 day work week – The Pros and Cons

To work full-time has, for years, been synonymous with ‘8 hours a day, 5 days a week’. Many sources cite Henry Ford as the first to institute what we now consider to be the standard 5 day, 40 hour week in the 1930s. Before this, recreational time was considered to be a luxury afforded only […]

New Travel Processes and How They Might Affect You

The UK Government has recently released new rules and travel logistics that consider precaution & preparation for not only COVID-19, but also how laws changed when Brexit took place. At Healthchart, we work with an eclectic mix of contractors and temp workers, many of whom hold EU citizenship. The new rules specifically reference travel to […]

Why do Companies hire Contractors and Umbrella Employees?

If you’re considering getting into contracting it’s important to know your worth and to understand why a company may choose to engage you instead of taking on a permanent employee. There are a few distinct reasons that a business may choose contractors over “permies” – let’s use a very common industry in the contracting world […]