How the National Insurance Contribution may affect you post April 6th

We’ve all seen the line item National Insurance Contribution on our pay slips, it’s a deduction that is factored in automatically if you work on PAYE basis. And, whether it’s from coffee machine small-talk or national new outlets, we’ve all been made aware that there will be increases to NIC’s when the new tax year […]

Increases to National Minimum Wage in the New Tax Year

It’s no secret that the entire population of the UK is subject to some contribution increases when the new tax year hits us on April 6th 2022. We wanted to get comprehensive information to you ahead of time so that you know what to expect as an umbrella employee. NMW: The countdown is on to […]

Digital Right-To-Work Checks to Remain in Place until Sept

Gov’t decides to delay the return of in-person right-to-work (RTW) checks. The recruitment industry has welcomed the news that the UK Government is to delay the return of in-person right-to-work (RTW) checks until September 1st at the earliest. The decision means the continuation of a more efficient, less logistically-challenging procedure that many are petitioning heavily […]

Confusing Terms Explained

What does it all mean? It can be confusing as a contractor starting out when you hear so many acronyms mentioned by both your agency and Umbrella Company. You may hear things such as IR35, WTR, AWR, and SDC along with terms such as ‘Opting Out’. You will also see it on documentation that you […]

How do I claim Holidays?

How do I request holidays as an Umbrella Employee? As an employee of Healthchart you are entitled to annual holidays just like any other employee in the UK. Taking holidays while contracting via an umbrella company is a relatively simple process, but if you’re new to this way of working sometimes it can be unclear […]

2021/22 Tax Changes

New Tax Changes The new tax year has begun, and necessary changes have been made by HMRC and the Government that will affect most people throughout the UK. These changes could see individuals gaining more in their monthly wages, but may also result in having to pay higher tax contributions. We’ve compiled the brief snapshot […]

Umbrella Explained: Contractor Salary and Deductions

Umbrella Explained: Contractor Salary and Deductions You’ve been asked to use an umbrella company, but one aspect that can be confusing is how an umbrella company calculates the salary payment you get at the end of each week or month. When you’re an employee of a company, the employer offers you an annual or hourly […]

Healthchart Holiday Pay Policy

Healthchart Holiday Pay Policy [Updated – 05/04/2022] We’re often asked how holiday pay works when working via an umbrella company. Umbrella employees are as entitled to holiday pay as any other employee in the UK, it is their right to receive it – and the payment methodology should be clearly stated at the time of […]

Recruiters Cannot Dictate a Contractors Umbrella Company

Recruiters Cannot Dictate a Contractors Umbrella Company Can my recruitment agency dictate what umbrella company I use? More contractors are seeking the services of umbrella companies throughout the UK. For the most part, umbrella companies are suggested to contractors from the recruitment agency associated with their relevant assignment. This is an attempt to help the […]

UK Gov’t announces delay in IR35 penalties

UK Gov’t announces delay in IR35 penalties No penalties for incorrect IR35 determinations The UK Government has announced that will waive penalties relating to incorrect IR35 determinations for 12 months from April 6th 2021. The move comes amid widespread confusion relating to the legislation from both fee-payers and affected contractors. The immediate prose of IR35 […]