Do Current Umbrella Company Certifications carry any actual Assurance?

In the relatively small world of UK umbrella companies, there exists a few certification bodies who, time-after-time will tell you that their assessment process is “industry leading and integral to the supply chain”. But, especially of late, there have been compounding questions about the practices of certain umbrella companies that carry these certifications. So, do […]

Exclusive: Luxury Lake District Stay at the Fleece at Ruleholme.

Exclusive HCAdvantage: Luxury Lake District Stay at the Fleece at Ruleholme. We have partnered with the Fleece at Ruleholme to provide an exclusive dinner, bed and breakfast package for our hard-working contractors. We chose the Fleece at Ruleholme for its incredible rooms, restaurant offerings and lounging areas, but also because of its location. Situated in […]

Travel Counsellors

Pippa Wilson, Travel Counsellors As part of your HC Advantage package, we have formed a happy relationship with a renowned Pippa Wilson of the Award-Winning, Travel Counsellors. Pippa is a bonafide expert in her field, her bespoke travel concierge packages are of the highest caliber and we’re delighted to be able to refer our hard-working, […]

UK Gov’t announces delay in IR35 penalties

UK Gov’t announces delay in IR35 penalties No penalties for incorrect IR35 determinations The UK Government has announced that will waive penalties relating to incorrect IR35 determinations for 12 months from April 6th 2021. The move comes amid widespread confusion relating to the legislation from both fee-payers and affected contractors. The immediate prose of IR35 […]

IR35 – How PSC Contractors May Miss Out

IR35 – How PSC Contractors May Miss Out IR35: 5% expense allowance being withdrawn from PSC contractors. IR35 reform for the private sector is less than a month away and, as we draw closer, more and more scrutiny is being placed upon the finer details involved. One aspect that seems to have passed below the […]

The Key Information Document – A Reminder of Your Responsibilities

The Key Information Document – A Reminder of Your Responsibilities Key Information Document Explained Amid the turmoil of the pandemic, on the 6th April 2020, the UK government introduced the Key Information Document (KID) as a part of their Good Work Plan, in an attempt to improve pay transparency for agency workers. This document is […]

Do Working Time Regulations apply to Contractors?

Do Working Time Regulations apply to Contractors? Working Time Regulations – Know the Facts… Being a contractor can mean many things; perhaps you’re working as a freelancer, operating through your own company, you’re self-employed or you’re working via an umbrella company. The way you operate may alter your rights in relation to Working Time Regulations, […]

Woes of Working from Home

Woes of Working from home – we’re right there with you. We at HC like many organisations in this past year have had to react quickly to changes including implementing and adapt to remote working practices. In February 2020 Zoom was unheard of by many, but now we use it, along with other videoconferencing platforms, […]

The EU Transition

The EU transition: Our amended procedures After 4 + years of negotiation, December 31st 2020 saw the UK leave the European Union. Plenty of businesses have had to adopt new practices, increase administrative efforts and review their operations in response to the departure – and we’re no different. It’s important to note that we have […]

Is talk of a vaccine paving the way for a major contractor bounce-back?

Experts are claiming that the UK Economy could bounce back in as little as six months, thanks to the news of a vaccine breakthrough.Economists have raised hopes that the UK could return to pre-pandemic levels within six months after it was announced by Pfizer and Moderna that major breakthroughs in a COVID-19 vaccine have taken […]