Statutory Sick Pay Rules from March 24th 2022

HC Statutory Sick Pay Rules

This week, there are some key changes taking place regarding Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for employees in England. When the pandemic was in full swing (some would argue that it hasn’t lost too much momentum even now) the Government made temporary provision within the SSP rules that stated anyone who had to take time off […]

Self-care, perspective, and regaining balance

Self-care, perspective, and regaining balance In a normal week, we would be publishing an article of opinion with some relevant industry, product or legislation news – but right now we feel that focusing on our contractor’s personal welfare is a priority. 2020 has been a year unlike any other. The whole planet has been affected, […]

Information/support from the National Counselling Society

The wellbeing of our contractors is of paramount importance to us. We recognize and appreciate that you have chosen to trust our services as a provider, and we’d like to remind you that without you the HC community simply would not be as vibrant. We’ve all faced our trials and tribulations of late, we understand […]