Welcome to HC Advantage,

An expanding rewards platform exclusiviely to the HealthChart family

Just a way to thank you!

There is no additional cost to HC Advantage. As soon as you join the HC Family you will be auto-enrolled in our rewards platform. From there, you will have complete access to everything to do as you wish.

Below you can see some of the advantages that you can expect:

Now that's value for money!

Not Included in this projection:
Discounts on hundreds of retailers, technology companies, supermarkets, entertainment venues, hotels, and travel. And, any additional colleague referrals you may place with us (each worth £50.00)

The Real Value to HC Advantage:

If you use only a small part of your HC Advantage rewards consistently you’ll be amazed at how much you can save! You can easily offset your weekly Umbrella fees and actually turn your relationship with HealthChart into a money-saving/making platform. Below is just a snippet of how it can look for you

Offset Your Umbrella Fee With HC Advantage:

Your HealthChart Monthly Fee: £80.00


Monthly Value

Adjusted Fee

Free Movie Download



Free Caffé Nero Coffee



Magpie Professional Development



Boxx Fitness



Health Assured Support



1x £50 Colleague Referral