Furlough Stance

As the unease surrounding Covid-19 at the beginning of March, became reality. Many contractors faced the thought of their contract being temporarily “paused” until the crisis had subsided. What did that mean for our contractors financially?

The government stepped in to support employees implementing the nationwide furlough scheme, but did temporary workers qualify?

The nature of our business is to support people who are working on temporary contracts in many different sectors in industry. These workers are classified as employees as well as customers of ours, their PAYE and employment rights are accommodated by us.

Our contractors are valued customers and there was no hesitation to support them, offering them the financial support and protection that all “regular” employees received. However some umbrella companies didn’t take the same stance, putting many families in a state of financial hardship.

The umbrella’s that made the decision not to do “the right thing” will have their reasons for doing so. But as the workforce slowly head back to the workplace and contractors are reinstated, will you happily submit your regular timesheets to a company who wasn’t willing to step up to support you during the crisis? I, for one, would be reluctant.

Our business will always put the needs of the contractors first, even if this means we may incur loss for a short period of time. As an organization we believe that our moral obligation and reputation out-ways the short term loss. As stable times are just round the corner, we can be confident that we made the right decision.

Were you a contractor during the pandemic? Did your umbrella step up to support you? If not, we’d love to chat with you about how we may provide a more comprehensive, contractor-focused service in the near future.