Is Contracting on the Increase?

Due to these unprecedented times, there has been a substantial slump in the economy of the UK. Many businesses were forced to close their doors for the last 3 months, whilst others have had their staff working remotely from home. Many staff have been put onto furlough or faced redundancy. As UK businesses gradually open their doors again, what does the uncertainty mean for employment opportunities?

We are still facing uncertain times, some businesses have lost many months of trading and will take time to bounce back. Due to the impact of the pandemic, employers might now choose to recruit temporary workers as opposed to permanent members of staff. This offers the employer more flexibility, allows the role to be started at short notice limiting costs for specialist staff and, more importantly in the current situation no PAYE or National Insurance contributions to administer or employee benefits that have a hidden cost to the employer,

Not only does contracting have advantages for the employer but also for you as a contractor. At this time you can broaden your sector experience, specialism and your contact base, making you more attractive for employment opportunities in the future. You can pick your contracts, have the flexibility of working hours, greater earnings and variety in roles.

If you decide that contracting may be a viable option for you, we’d be delighted to help you start your journey. We are built specifically for healthcare professionals – and have a great understanding our audience & industry. It’s a fast paced, high pressured environment, which is why we’ve tailored our service to be as efficient and non-intrusive as possible. Our application is quick, our fees are competitive and we’re always here to provide expert advice and support should you need it.