The Key Information about the Key Information Document!

As with any new legislation piece, the Key Information Document has arrived amidst a multitude of other factors affecting our industry = meaning many of us have not had time to process its purpose. Well, we’re here to help, we’ve taken the longwinded jargon version and simplified the major points for all to understand – enjoy!

What is the Key Information Document?

Essentially, it’s a way of recording and reporting the basic information (pay, holidays, deductions, fees, parties involved, etc) of any potential assignment presented to an eligible worker (post April 6th, 2020*). The purpose being to provide the worker with concise information, allowing them to decide whether to accept the assignment based on a more educated understanding of the terms.

Why is the Key Information Document important?

The document is designed to provide greater transparency and clarity to the potential worker. It is also an integral part of the Government’s larger, Good Work Plan, which sets out to standardize and reinforce a worker’s rights. Every employer must comply with the terms of the Good Work Plan, therefore the Key Information Document becomes mandatory.

What do I need to do to ensure my agency is compliant?

Your responsibility is to ensure that the Key Information Document is completed for each work assignment that you are proposing to a work-seeker. You’ll then need to share this with the potential candidate and us (or the umbrella company that they’re using).

When do I need to complete a Key Information Document?

You’ll need to complete a Key Information Document for the following reasons:

  • The employee is brand new to or is re-joining your organization
  • The employee changes their umbrella company or intermediary
  • There is a change in contractual terms and conditions
  • There is a change in payment intervals or frequency
  • There are new deductions relevant to the employee
  • There is a new contract or job description undertaken

What if we don’t complete the document?

Neglecting to complete the Key Information Document would place your agency in a state of non-compliance. In some cases, this could result in an Employment Tribunal and/or penalty. The Employment Agency Standards inspectorate is the governing body of the legislation – additional information about penalties can be found on their website.

What information is needed, and how can HealthChart help us?

We’re happy to say that we have a comprehensive template within our compliance pack, detailing all of the required information. If you don’t already have your own Key Information Document, you’re welcome to complete ours and return it to us – call us for more information: (0203) 745 2382.

*The Key Information document is not applicable to workers with existing employment terms (Pre April 6th, 2020).